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How to Domesticate Your Business to Another State

April 17, 2017,

To form a business, you must file a charter document with the Secretary of State. But what should you do if you want to move your business to another state?


This Small Business Owner Found Her Sweet Spot

Monica Mitidieri sought a SCORE mentor to help her tackle self-doubt and get to the next level in growing her cookie business.


How Hard Small Business Owners Work

April 13, 2017,

Small business owners work hard – everybody knows that. But how hard they work might scare some people off.


5 Tips for Protecting Your Small Business Against a Legal Fallout

April 12, 2017,

Small businesses must adhere to the same laws as multinational corporations, and no company is immune to legal issues.


Back It Up

April 11, 2017,

49 percent of internet users still don't do any type of data backup. On average, each of us has a 33 percent chance of losing our data at some point.


The Who, What and Why of Non-Disclosure Agreements

April 10, 2017,

You put a lot of time, energy and effort into your business, so doesn’t it make sense to protect what you worked so hard to build? You need a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Volunteers Drive SCORE’s Mission of Shaping Small Business Success

In April, we celebrate National Volunteer Month to recognize the dedication of volunteers in all varieties of service, including our SCORE mentors.


16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time — STEP 10: Find Your First Customers

April 6, 2017

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. But how do you go about building a customer base from scratch?


Treat Investor Meetings Like a Sales Pitch

April 5, 2017,

Usually, raising money your startup needs means pleading your case to a room full of potential investors. Tweaking your approach — “selling an idea” rather than “asking for money” — completely changes the interaction for both sides.


Don’t Let Growing Pains Take Your Business Down

April 4, 2017,

What lessons can you take away to help avoid the risks of rapid growth?


8 Excuses that Hold Businesses Back

When you’re running a business it’s easy to make excuses for NOT doing things and convince yourself you’re acting responsibly. Read more